The Journey Begins….Again

collageThis blog has seen its fair share of revamps over the years…about 7 major ones if memory serves me correct. I have tried endless ways to get this blog to a place that I thought would make me happy but over the years I learned it wasn’t the platform or layout of the site that was the issue but rather my lack of desire to spend time on it.

When I was younger the internet was a very different place. YouTube wasn’t what is today and the social platforms everyone knows now just didn’t exist. If you wanted funny pictures or videos then you visited sites like BreakMetacafePandaChute or CollegeHumor. I was young and took one web design class in high school so I thought I had what it took to create my own website that could compete with the likes of Break and PandaChute by sharing the funny videos and pictures I found online. In 2008 I started off on Blogger before realizing that it was not giving me the flexibility I wanted. I soon discovered WordPress and jumped on that platform which in turn helped me create other websites and helped me learn enough to actually offer my services to others to get their sites up and running. I soon discovered there was more money in helping others and flipping  websites then there was from my single lonely website. Beyond Random took the back seat.

Try Again…Again…Again…

While helping others build their sites and flipping the occasional niche site, I always had this voice in the back of my head that told me not to give up on Beyond Random. I kept it alive but just barely. Back then maintaining a WordPress site wasn’t as easy as it is now and new features were coming out all the time and my obsession with new themes didn’t help me keep things under control. I finally decided that after the 4 theme changes that I needed to simplify my thinking completely. No longer would Beyond Random try to compete with other sites but rather just be my little corner of the internet where I could share things I found interesting with anyone that might be interested. This took a lot of the pressure off of the content creation side of things I still strugled to keep up with the ever changing WordPress platform at the time. Say hello to Posterous! Posterous was a new blogging platform and was made specifically to make it extremely simple to share and post to a blog. This was exactly what I wanted and for a while made my life so much easier. Then, Posterous was bought out and eventually shut down so I was forced to rethink the site’s platform and so back to WordPress. Around this time is when I started adulting and took on a real 40+ hour a week job so free time was not easy to come by. After a few years of posting once every couple of months, in 2017 I forwarded the URL to a Tumblr blog where it would stay, until now.

Beyond Random circa 2008

Future Outlook

I have finally decided that Beyond Random is such a big big part of my social media life that I cant just let it die. At one point, I actually had a pretty nice following and really enjoyed sharing things with them but my lack of focus let that all fade away. I’m not trying to bring this blog back to be anything other than just my little corner of the internet. I debated on what would be the best platform for me and as much as I still love WordPress all I keep thinking is that because of the limitless possibilities it offers as a self hosted option, I will ultimately fall into the same never ending cycle of changes like I did in the past. My hope is that now that I’m using and the simplicity that comes with it I will be more inclined to post and share. It keeps things simple but still allows just enough customizing to existing themes that will allow me to tweak it to my liking.

I really hope you plan to stick around and enjoy the site. Most of my posts will be about tech, personal finance, some DIY stuff as well as some random sharing of things from around the internet that catch my eye. I hope to see you around here more and thanks for reading through this poorly structured wall of text. (Never said I was a very good writer.)

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